Thomas Falk Claezon

Flying, is one thing I like to do,
when relaxing from work..

This Zlin 526F is one of the most enjoyable aircraft I have flown to this date...

I learned to fly at Botkyrka Flygklubb 1992. I have since then added ratings for night flying and areobatics to my private pilot licence (PPL A). Usually i fly 30-50 hours/year. Mostly aircrafts available at Botkyrka Flygklubb, but somtimes I use others, like the Zlin 526F above.

The great fun of flying, preferably areobatics, is one thing. Another are all the nice and friendly aviation enthusiasts that I have had the privilege to meet. There are always things to be learned and discussed, and a helping hand is never far away!

This Bellanca Super Decathlon is another aircraft that I enjoy to fly..



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