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2002-10-22 3:rd version of my home page website. Now a completly redesigned multi page website, using HTML 4.01 Transitional and Cascading Style Sheets.
Now when the foundation for a more comprehensive personal website is online, I might acctually bring myself to publish some of my own information, and references to others, that I find useful!
Note, The air to air photos of The Zlin 526F (Home page) and the Bellanca Super Decathlon (on the aviation page), are Copyright Freddy Stenbom, Allt om Hobby.
2000-05-23 Finally removed the LEDSign Java applet, and did some other minor adjustments..
1997-11-28 Second version of my home page. At this time I had learned something about designing a webpage. Now using validated HTML 3.2.
1996-05-17 Added the "vistor counter".
1995-11-07 First version of my homepage (then at



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